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Creating Custom Service Pins Since 1993

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with Custom REGALIA, SERVICE Pins, and accessories

Celebrate your contributions with Pat's Custom Pins. We customize our service pins in Houston, TX, lapels, and other items to help you preserve your legacy and demonstrate your commitment to your Masonic, Shriner, police, fire, or service organizations.

Founded more than 37 years ago, our goal was to help organizations create lapel pins that convey the identity for each office and inspire the next generation. When ordering from us, we want you to feel we know about your work and that we are crafting something to help you conserve and honor your legacy, contribution, and commitment.

SOME OF THE Organizations We Serve:

  • Masons
  • Shriners
  • Kiwanis
  • Rotary International
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Sororities
  • Fraternities

Standard Service Pins - Houston, TX

Show your pride in your achievements with our standard custom pins. We often create service pins for fundraising or to inspire others to do better and work hard for their organizations.

Standard Pins

Enhanced Pins - Houston, TX

People love the level of customization we can offer with our enhanced custom pins, including photorealistic and 3-D pins. We take pride in giving you exactly the art you are after.

Enhanced Pins

Custom Regalia and More - Houston, TX

Set the scene with custom regalia for your organization. We also offer bolos, medallions, shields, cufflinks, belt buckles, and other accessories for purchase with your logo or custom designed.

Custom Items

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The Symbolism of Service Pins

People join organizations to associate with like-minded individuals, whether they belong to a fraternal organization, a service group, a social group, or professional association. And our custom pins are worn proudly by members of a group to show their affiliation, position, membership, and accomplishments.

This is significant for group members as it quickly identifies leadership and important information, but it also sends a message to others outside of the group. It’s a form of free advertising about the existence and viability of your group.

How We Do Business

Our goal is to create a quality product that meets your expectations and serves your needs. Over our years of creating standard, enhanced, and magnetic back pins, our focus always has been on our customers and making their pins beautiful, serviceable, and durable. We pledge to treat you with courtesy, provide you with quality workmanship, and deliver your service pins on time.

We believe in integrity, honor, and service to both community and country. This is reflected in the reason we started our company, as well as how we conduct our business. Count on us to work with you in a partnership where your ideas, opinions, and business are valued.


Contact us today to order our custom pins for your organization. Based in Houston, Texas, we proudly serve customers nationwide.


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