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Fraternal Regalia - Houston, TX

Custom Regalia in Houston, TX, for Every Organization & Club

There’s no better way to show your organization’s sense of unity and comradery than with custom accessories. A pin sporting your group’s name, logo, or other symbol is the perfect way to highlight your commitment to the same goals, as well as spread the word about your activities. Best of all, you can proudly (and stylishly) display your membership everywhere you go.

For nearly four decades, Pat’s Custom Pins has helped organizations throughout the country honor their legacies, their commitments, and their vows of brotherhood through custom regalia. In Houston, TX, we create pieces that our clients are proud to wear, whether they’re pins, cufflinks, belt buckles, or something else entirely. Reach out today to learn what we can create for your group.

Made-to-Order Accessories

When it comes to your organization’s logo, every detail matters. That’s why we pay close attention to your order, taking time to note your logo or group name’s distinctive shapes. Additionally, we use only the finest materials we can find during the manufacturing process. This helps ensure you receive an accessory you can be proud of, whether you’re ordering pins or something else:

  • Bolos
  • Medallions
  • Shields
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Button Covers
  • Cufflinks
  • Belt Buckles
Belt Buckles - Houston, TX

Custom item examples

Buckle Belt Buckle Custom Bolo - Houston, TX Shriners Bolo

Unite Your Members with Custom Regalia

You can count on us for a convenient, custom solution for your organization's regalia needs. We can use the same art featured on your service pins, new art, or your organization logo. When you are having an inauguration party or other event, order sets of custom napkins and cups to create a festive mood.

If you're dressing up for the event, we also offer custom cufflinks, button covers, and belt buckles. It’s a great way to give each member of your organization something distinctive, yet unifying to display.

Our custom accessories and fraternal regalia help create distinctive, yet unified looks for every member of your organization. We offer a variety of options to enhance or complement your activity or fundraiser, including bolos and cufflinks. Wear them to inauguration parties, civic group meeting, or fraternal organization get-togethers - it’s up to you and your members.

Other items

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Party Supplies

Templar on Horse - Mousepad
Desk Accessories

Contact our staff with questions about our custom regalia - we’re happy to help. We serve organizations throughout the country from our Houston, Texas location.