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More About Our Custom Logo Pins in Houston, TX

Pat's Custom Pins is your source for quality and value when it comes to translating your branding into tangible items. Our custom logo pins in Houston, TX, are popular with a wide range of organizations. Over the years, we’ve received a number of questions frequently, which we’ve answered here for your convenience:

Q: Where Can I Shop for Your Products?
A: We offer a convenient online store that covers all our promotional products. Browse options, see examples, and place orders from the comfort of your computer screen. You can check out the latest offerings by clicking here.

Q: What Can I Customize?
A: We’re known for our classic pins, but our store features a wide selection of items to choose from, including:

  • Custom Medallions
  • Custom Belt Buckles
  • Custom Buckle Covers

To browse the full selection, just visit our online store. Our customization services work for almost any item you can imagine.

Q: How Do Your Products Help Me?
A: Customers buy from us for a multitude of reasons. Some simply want to show support for organizations that make a difference in their lives. Others are looking for unique ways to market their businesses. No matter why they shop, our products allow them to proudly represent the things that matter with top-quality custom accessories.