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Enhanced Custom Pins

Elevate the elegance with our enhanced custom pins. This select line from Pat's Custom Pins offers a significantly higher level of detail than our standard pins. These pins are ideal for major fundraisers and can be sold to support your organization.

Bedazzled Custom Pins

Custom Pins in Color

The Quality You Deserve

There are two primary reasons for choosing our enhanced pins. One, you need photorealistic quality with extensive detail. This will require a photo conversion, which we can do for our photo lapel pins and other custom regalia. Two, you may want a three-dimensional effect. This is also within our capabilities. Additional die and tooling charges may apply.

Types of Enhanced Custom Pins

Imitation Cloisonné
You'll find that this is the right choice for anyone seeking a detailed picture on their pin.

Screen printing also allows us to transfer a detailed image to your pin.

To make your pin really stand out, you need an eye-popping look! That's where our three-dimensional pins come in.


Coin-Shaped Pin Lady Bug and Silver Pin Flags Pin Bronze-Colored Pin
Enhanced Pin Photo-Etched Pins Hummingbird and Flower Pin Mask Pin
Pineapple Pin Bedazzled Shoe Pin Music Symbol Pin Gold Pin